Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Heart Bleeds for Gaza :'(

For three long weeks now, Israel has been bombarding Gaza and killing innocent people. Men, women, children and the elderly. the death toll has exceeded 1200 and the injured is numbered more than 5000.
its a shame for the whole world, especially the Muslim countries to be watching this brutality and not doing (or being not able to do) any thing to stop it.
the western media is so biased in this conflict, they don't want their public to see what we in the middle east see.
there are horrible images coming out from Gaza. Children being sliced into pieces, mothers carrying whats left of their children's bodies, grown-up men crying over their sons and daughters being killed, and so on.

here is an image i found in Flickr which shows the last moment of a mother still trying to calm her child at the moment of her death. imagine any of you in the child's position. What would your feelings be?

the boy lost his father to an Israeli attack before, now he had to say goodbye to his mother too.